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This site is dedicated to my friends and neighbors who truly wish to survive, with honor intact, the coming storm. My Friends, there is a storm coming that will engulf the entire planet, a storm that will come about as the natural consequence of the infectious greed and arrogance of men.

Even now, there have been great signs appearing in the Heaven. The children of this age never look up. There have been rumors of impending doom within the bowels of the Earth. The children of this age never place their ears to the ground. The very surface of the Earth has been mindlessly defaced by the children of this age. The powers of Heaven, the powers of the Earth, and the powers of the Underworld are even now gathering and converging for a great confrontation.

It is true. We are living in Legendary times. Our technology that most people have no understanding of may be viewed as miraculous. This very internet website that you are reading is a miracle. However, miracles come at a price. A miracle is mostly "out of site out of mind." Someone who is not party to the miracle must work to bring the miracle about.

About this site. This site uses no cookies. The code for this site has all been written in the simplest and most basic HTML. It is all "clean" code. The links to the PDF documents are all "inhouse." The PDF documents are no bigger than what would have fitted on an old floppy disk. The site itself is hosted but the loading content is a throwback to the old local dialup services. There are no off-site links. The internet address of such links may be given, but they must be manually transferred. There are no copyrights and the documents are all printer friendly. The messages are too important.

The Earth is our Mother. The Sun is our Father. This is the theme to this site. Here I have a 204 page page PDF formated book that explores this theme, more or less, to its conclusion. It is titled "The Solar Energy Book" written by "Patrick Richard Ahmatov.". It was written in response to the fly by night solar energy contractors in order to present the real truth of solar energy.

  1. TheSolarEnergyBook.pdf (1.358MB)

    Posted Sun 28 Jan 2024

Here I am engaging in a bit of advertising with regards to the preceding entry.

We live in a world of "fly by night" contractors. Solar energy has more than its share. They do not care about the product. All they care about is the money that they may entice out of the "rubes."

My product is intended to run interference on the "fly by night" solar contractors by generating a preliminary solar assay of the site. All I require is five essential pieces of information

  1. The 1st essential piece of needed data is the Terrestrial latitude of the site.
  2. The 2nd essential piece of data is the minimum altitude that the Sun needs to clear obstructions in order to bring full sunlight to the site proper. This alttitude needs to be expressed in degrees above the level horizon.
  3. The 3rd essential piece of data is the vertical rise of the slope of the site. For example if the site of interest is a particular slope of a particular roof, the rise would be the vertical component of the roof. The slope could also be a hillside. The rise may be expressed in any unit.
  4. The 4th essential piece of data is the horizontal run of the slope of the site. For example if the site of interest is a particular slope of a particular roof, the run would be the horizontal component of the roof. The slope could also be a hillside. The run must be expressed in the same unit as the rise.
  5. The 5th essential piece of data is the compass azimuth angle that the aforementioned slope is facing. This azimuth angle needs to be expressed as compass degrees from North; i.e. North = 0, East = 90, South = 180, and West = 270.

If you click on the button below you will access a 26 page "inhouse" PDF sample report that was produced by the use of the preceding data. This report is good for the full year.

Sample Solar Energy Report [71 KB]

I am making this offer to my immediate neighbors within 30 miles driving distance from Omaha, Arkansas. The cost for the report is $30.00 cash, payable on delivery. I am using the honor system. If you are seriously interested in a solar energy site assay, text me with your address, phone number, and the essential data. I will get back to you as soon as I can. My phone number is [870-278-0614]. I also have an email address associated with this website at [webmaster@rainbowsolar.org]. I will be honest here. I am not only desirous of promoting solar energy as a means of independent living, I am equally desirous of meeting the community that seeks a free and independent living situation.

Posted Sat 03 Feb 2024

I am by nature an engineer and a natural philosopher. Self-evident truths are my special interest. Truth, Science, Engineering, and Natural Philosophy are neither democratic nor by consensus. In this section I am offering some documents on sometimes controversial subjects. I have found that organizations such as NASA, SETI, and MIT et al publish materials that are chock full of anomalies. Their evidence is often reminiscent of a truck driver attempting to back up a triple trailer while they completely ignore the obvious that is self-evident. In the following PDF formatted works I make an attempt to show my work. Click on the button to access the PDF document.

  1. Here is a short 21 page 103 KB PDF document detailing the false assumption of modern precision in mathematics. Modern computers such as the one that you are using right now represent an unstable technology. The assumed precise calculations cannot be supported without the unstable technology. However, both the hardware programming and the software programming originate from non-digital solutions.
  2. Here is a 68 page 603 KB PDF document detailing the great signs that have appeared in the Heaven during the 7 year period of 2017 through 2024. These include 3 major solar eclipses over the United States; 2 politically significant lunar eclipses, and 1 astrologically significant great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. All of these events had sundry attached to them. The internet search engines, with the exception of tourist advertisements or fanatical spewing, brought up absolutely no real information. Here I have presented it for your edification.
  3. This is a little 29 page 125 KB PDF documentation of the wanderings of the geomagnetic poles from 1590 AD to the present. It consists of two tables and two graphs. It has some apocalyptic significance in our time.
    Posted: Sat 16 Mar 2024
  4. This is a little 112 page 622 KB study that I did on the theory of hollow worlds combined with the Spaceship Moon hypothesis. They were combined because one led into the other and because the program long running returns were common to both. Make what you will of it. Maybe use it in your next thud and blunder blockbuster novel. Maybe start a new cult for Fund and Prophet. I wrote it up because both the "sceptics" and the fanatics were both spouting off without showing any real research either way. Both of these subjects are high on the list of NASA "non-subjects." The modeling would have been impossible 30 years ago. It required a high speed computer to produce feedback loops in a timely manner.
    Posted: Thu 21 Mar 2024

Here are some short PDF documents that I have written to teach those who wish to learn about solar energy and living under the Sun. In today's political climate these lessons are more for home schoolers that the public schools with certain exceptions. I am forced to pay taxes to suppport the public school system that I have an extreme animosity towards. However, under the law of torts I have the authority to "politely" request that they include this material in the classroom in exchange for the money that I am forced to pay to them. Consequently, I have attempted to insure the truthfulness and appropiateness of the material. Failure to consider my "polite" request must be considered to be a breach of the inplied contract between myself and the respective school boards.

  1. Here is a 24 page, 142 kb PDF document that demonstrates how to calculate the orbital factors necessary for calculating the local solar energy potentials.
    Posted: Mon 29 Apr 2024.

  2. This is 24 page, 170 KB PDF document detailing how to calculate for solar power and energy for a level unobstructed plain. The positional calculations are included. It is a continuation of the preceding document on the calculations for the orbit of the Earth.
    Posted Mon 06 May 2024.

  3. This is a 22 page, 268 KB PDF document detailing the final realities of solar power and solar energy. It is the third and final part that concludes the two preceding parts. It is best to study these three parts in sequence.
    Posted on Sat 08 Jun 2024.

Work in Progress.

Work in progress.